Christians, our children, and screens

From the beginning of the world, until a few decades ago, my brethren, no one had a screen in their houses, and people lived. They ate, they bathed, they married, they made babies, they worked and built houses and raised families, and no one had a screen.
Also, things like what the witch doctors call OCD, ADD, gender confusion, psychopathy, and the spread of dangerous mind altering propaganda was almost completely non-existent.
But then, in the 1950s, came the introduction of the TV (aka hell-a-vision) into the modern American home, and then all over the world. This did very much damage to the family unit, stealing valuable time that was before used for engaging in conversation, husbands spending quality time with wives, and parents raising children.
But now, the “prime time” hours of the evening were completely stolen; and walking down an average street in a US neighborhood in the evening hours, one would not see neighbors talking, or children playing, or people watering their vegetable gardens, but only an empty street, and the familiar blue glow of the TV screens dancing in the windows.
Marriages grew weak, and children became estranged from their parents; and the fabric of society began to tear, slowly but surely.
And then, in the 1990s, came the advent of the internet; and that is when the destruction of our society began to snowball into the terrible disaster that we see today.
And when any of us now go outside, or take a bus, or go for a walk, or in any wise mingle in modern society, what do we see? We see a generation of children and young adults, with their eyes fixed on a little portable screen that is controlling their minds and their lives. They are satan’s slaves, completely hypnotized. They have been taught by their screens that God isn’t real, that wrong is right, that men can become women, that darkness is light, that divorce is anyone’s choice, and fornication is normal, and unwanted babies can be easily disposed of, and that they should just act on whatever they think will feel good to them.
That is the doctrine of satanism, my brethren.
We live in a time when society as a whole has not only forgotten about God, but completely turned their backs to him to embrace every evil thing that he hates; and in so doing they have turned their children over to the devil to be devoured.
Using the deadly combination of the internet, public schools, colleges and universities, and religious theological seminaries, Satan has completely converted the present generation into a mass of God-hating, Christ-denying, psychopathic perverts and baby murderers. Young people who graduate from high school have no knowledge of any important life skills, or even the difference between a man and a woman. All they know is communist philosophy and other worthless nonsense which will avail them nothing in life, but to waste it on folly and wickedness, and then die in their sins.
And that said, my brethren, there are those among US ALSO who have not yet been fully washed from that nonsense and propaganda that we were taught in school and by the screen; and are also infecting our children with it – and that needs to STOP RIGHT NOW.
That is the purpose for this epistle.
My brethren, we all have screens today. I also have screens in my house. I am an adult, and I have a PC and a smartphone (so-called), and a tablet as well. These are tools that I use to do the work that I am called to do, communicate and fellowship with the brethren, and to access important information or services that I and my wife need. Some of you use such tools for your businesses, or other important reasons, and they are very helpful tools to have, for an adult.
I and my wife are adults, and we know how to use these devices and not to become slaves to them; and if in any wise my wife gets into error with her phone, then I will correct her on that. (For instance, she is not allowed to have a Facebook or Instagram account, and she is instructed to consult me if any pop ups occur before touching anything, etc…)
And sister Marisol and I do not have children living in the house with us.
But many among us, my brethren, are parents, and therefore DO have children living in the house with them; and it is VERY IMPORTANT for us to know, brethren, that we should NOT be teaching our children that life is to be tethered to a screen.
Our children should NOT see mom or dad watching TV, or sitting in front of a screen watching movies or YouTube videos, or glued to their smartphone, scrolling up and down on it.
It doesn’t matter what you tell your children, my brethren.
What matters is what they see you do.
THAT is what they will learn to do.
I am not saying that it is wrong or a sin for you to occasionally consult your phone or look at a video in the presence of your older children; or to allow them (the older children) to use the internet while you are physically present and supervising them, once in a while.
Your older children are teenagers, and they will learn about the internet by interacting with others in society, and so you should introduce them to it, and control what they are watching and hearing, 100%.
But my brethren, those of you who have young children (meaning young ones that have not reached puberty yet), they should NOT be seeing you staring at a screen in your hand.
When you have little children, you should NEVER hand them a smartphone, or sit them in front of a screen to watch videos. You should be attending to them, and teaching them, both with your words, and your actions. That which they should be experiencing is your voice, your face, and your touch, your hugs, the smell of your clothes, etc…bonding with you in a love relationship; NOT the virtual “reality” of artificial life on a screen!
No child, raised in a Christian home, should know how to operate a device with a screen on it; and those who do are being turned over to the devil for the destruction of their souls; and their parents will give account before God Almighty for this evil.
That is what the sinners of this world do, my brethren…and then they marvel when their 11 year old daughter is pregnant, their 12 year old son wants to become a woman and change his name to Melissa, and their teenagers have been converted into useful idiots for the communist agenda, mindlessly protesting in support of career criminals like George Floyd, or terrorists like Hamas, and raising Palestinian flags on US flagpoles.
That is what happens to the minds of those who are raised from their youth looking at a screen, instead of being raised by godly parents.
Do NOT be fooled by that which is called “entertainment for children”…animated cartoons that are supposedly made for kids! Who made those shows? Christians? Are there any among us in the church of Jesus Christ who produce screen shows for children? Of course not.
Those shows for children are made by the same satanists that gave you the NIV Bible, the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Disney, and Nickelodeon! They are poison in disguise, specially designed for kids, to be given to parents who are too lazy to spend time with their children and teach them, and who will just set their precious children in front of the screen to keep them occupied so that they can “have a break”, and do what they want to instead of raising up a godly seed.
My brethren and sisters, let this wickedness not be even once named among us. If you want to use your screen to watch a video, or look something up with a search engine, or any other thing, then do not let your children see you do such things; and NEVER put a screen in the hand of a small child.
Oh, how it angers me to see a toddler, 5 feet from his mother, with a smartphone in his hand, learning how to access YouTube! Or a teenage girl at the bus stop with a smartphone in her hand, and her parents are nowhere to be found!
There is NO EXCUSE for such negligence, my brethren.
If any of us have a teenager, and desire for them to have a telephone so that they can be in communication while they are out of the house, then we can get them a regular cell phone with no internet connection, that can be used to make phone calls or send text messages, and nothing else.
But I beseech you, my brethren and sisters, if you have been guilty of exposing your little ones to screen technology, or even have given your older children screens which they are using while not in your presence, whether it be video games, smartphones, or other internet devices, then now is the time to repent from that error, and take those things away from them.
And yes, it is much harder to take them away now than it would have been to not allow them to have such things in the first place; but if we love God and fear him, then this must be done, to save our children’s lives, and our own souls also; for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Jesus Christ our Lord.
All things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.
We who are Christians PROTECT our children from the darkness of this world. We do NOT hand it to them, and then walk away while they play with it.
Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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